La Luna Candle
La Luna Candle

La Luna Candle

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High vibin handmade candle filled with positive and strong intentions. candles are topped with amethyst. Clear quartz, red roses, lavender and rosemary. Each candle has a hidden mystery crystal inside  

The moon charm can be used as a necklace or can be hanged on an altar/sacred space. color and style may vary 

Soy Wax candle  11 oz .

Clear quartz is an all purpose, positive energy crystal. Helps with balance, cleansing, general healing, personal power and energy. It amplifies and directs intent.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone, connecting you with your higher self. Helps with sleeping, dreaming and is a great stress reliever. 

Rosemary is an all purpose magical herb. It is used in purification and protection rituals. It is believed to attract love, positivity and peace.

Roses are a universal favorite ingredient in love spells. For centuries roses have symbolized beauty, affection, adoration, and above all, been given to express love and romance. Roses are also associated with psychic abilities and luck as well as self love and confidence