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Spellcraft Book
Spellcraft Book

Spellcraft Book

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A guided journal for casting, cleansing & blessing

Manifest the life you deserve

A spell's power comes from writing about it and truly understanding the intention behind it. Spellcraft combines 28 white magic spells with over 80 prompts for self-discovery and growth, making it the perfect personalized grimoire fo a new witch.

Tuning in to past events, unconscious biases, and the connections that your own mind casts will help you lay the groundwork for self-improvement, give hope in trying times, and manifest new opportunities in these areas:

* Creativity & Creation

* Courage & Hope

* Peace & Harmony

* Manifestation & Money

* Connection & Love

Including a section of spells and prompts that celebrate the pagan holidays of the Wheel of the Year, Spellcraft will help light the magic that is already inside of you.