Q: Can you teach me about crystals or identify these stones?

A: YES! We love helping our customers with rock identification and educating about why crystals are so amazing. We offer a class almost every month called Crystals 101. It's $10 and you leave with a beautiful, polished quartz point and go home armed with great new knowledge. We love to help put together intentional crystal bundles and will happily recommend crystals for you! Usually we cannot go over all of the finer points about crystals unless it's slow. The Crystals 101 class and other events // workshops are listed under the Events tab and also accessible via the Book button on the shop Facebook and Instagram profiles. We are always adding events and thinking of new and exciting things to offer at the shop! And we welcome suggestions. 

Q: Do you ship?

A: We have a select amount of items online. Please inquire for particular items spotted on Facebook or Instagram that are not on the web site. We can accommodate most requests. The online shop is always evolving. The brick-and-mortar was borne from many of the frustrations of online selling in this day and age. Real human connection is at the core of KIN. We are happy to mail almost anything you spot, just inquire!

Q: I can't make it into the shop before you close at 5 P.M. Can you stay open later or meet me after close?

A: Almost always, the answer is YES! Being the mother of two small children, the hours are arranged to reflect the importance of being home in time for dinner, but most days we are happy to stay open later or meet you by appointment. Currently we are open until 7 p.m. on Mondays, and plan to be open until 8 p.m. beginning Mid November 2020 for Holiday Promenade. 

Q: Some of your crystals are priced higher than what I see elsewhere online. I also don't see ______ crystal. What's up with that?

A: We are first a jewelry shop and second a retail boutique featuring crystals and intentional goods. We work hard to source and hand-select every piece in the shop, and therefore we don't stock every crystal out there. We also try to work with female rockhounds and vendors, a sorely underrepresented faction of the gem and rock industries. Prices reflect time, shipping, and all of the costs that go into having a brick and mortar. We are fervent believers in shopping local and supporting local, and especially supporting women. You can certainly find your crystals online cheaper and there isn't any fault in that, however, when you come into KIN, you are supporting not just one woman, but many more with your purchase. We are also happy to keep your crystal request and look for it from one of our trusted sources.

Q: Do you offer private events and shopping parties?

A: We sure do and we ADORE arranging + hosting these! Please send a message for more information!

Q: Do you buy crystals or silver and gold vintage // antique jewelry?

A: This happens on a case-by-case basis. You are welcome to send photos with prices to the shop email or shop phone via text and we can go from there.

Q: Are you a wiccan // pagan // ritual // spiritual // etc. shop?

A: KIN is for everyone. Absolutely everybody is welcome at KIN -- we pass no judgment on your beliefs and practices or lack thereof. We are a space to teach and learn, to raise your vibration, and our entire goal for existing is to send you out the door feeling lighter and more positive than you did when you walked in. We are happy to answer questions and be there for you. We are a collective group of humans searching for answers on all levels, and we are on this journey alongside you.