Apparition Spirit Speak Deck
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Apparition Tarot Deck

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A full-color tarot deck from Spirit Speak’s Mary Elizabeth Evans, illustrated in Mary’s distinctive style.

“An apparition is defined as the appearance of something remarkable and unexpected or the act of becoming visible. I like the idea that the insights we gain from using tarot cards are already there with us, but through a reading they become visible.” – Mary Elizabeth Evans

Printed on lovely, heavyweight, matte-laminated card stock, this large-sized deck has soft gold-gilded card edges, and comes with an illustrated guidebook inside the box.

◖ 78 illustrated full-color tarot cards measuring approx. 12 cm x 9 cm

◖ 80-page guidebook with meanings for each card.

◖ Presented in a sturdy two-piece keepsake box

Mary Evans is a well known and acclaimed tarot reader – this is her seventh tarot deck.