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Cast of Stones Essential Oil Rollerballs
Cast of Stones Essential Oil Rollerballs

Cast of Stones Essential Oil Rollerballs

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Aromatherapy, the practice of using extracted oils from plants, has been around for thousands of years, used by many ancient civilizations for therapeutic, ritualistic, hygienic, and spiritual purposes.

Today we continue the tradition of Aromatherapy to promote a healthy, balanced, and harmonized mind, body, and spirit.

.25 fl oz


Lavender // Clary Sage // Patchouli // Chamomile // Sandalwood with amethyst. 

Affirmation ~ “With every breath, I release the anxiety within and become more and more calm.”


Orange // Eucalyptus // Grapefruit // Clary Sage // Rosemary with clear quartz. 

Affirmation ~ “I am full of energy and vitality, and my mind is calm and peaceful.”


Jasmine // Ylang Ylang // Rose // Lavender // Tuberose with rose quartz.

Affirmation ~ “Happiness is my choice and love is abundant in my life.”

New Beginnings 

Cypress // Frankincense // Palmarosa // Orange// Clove with labradorite

Affirmation ~ “I will persist until I succeed.”


Geranium // Lavender // Ginger // Black Pepper with green aventurine

Affirmation ~ “Life is a blessing and I am capable of making great things happen.”