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Wolf Moon Perfume
Olivine Atelier 13 Moons Perfume
Olivine Atelier 13 Moons Perfume
Olivine Atelier 13 Moons Perfume

Olivine Atelier 13 Moons Perfume

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Beautiful crystal-infused rollerball perfume. Glass vessel w/ metal cap.

Dragon Moon ~ notes of evocative and sensual fig, balanced with white tea, amber blanc, and spring musk. Infused with super seven mineral stones.  

Flower Moon ~ nod to 1967 Summer of Love with notes of blood orange, neroli, orange blossom, Lily of the Valley, stargazer lily, vanilla and white musk. Contains strawberry quartz.

Frost Moon ~ a great blend for self-love with notes of egyptian musk, blood orange, carnation, Amber blanc, vanilla and snowflake obsidian inside. 

Gold Moon ~ notes of vanilla, night blooming jasmine, Musc blanc, deep amber and golden sandalwood with gold flakes and garnet inside.

Hazel Moon ~ notes of patchouli, vanilla, Musk with amazonite crystals inside for hope.

Ivy Moon ~ notes of citrus, white tea, sandalwood, Amber with green aventurine for good fortune.

Mermaid Moon ~ notes of blood orange, black coconut, vanilla, Arabian sandalwood, African violet with fluorite inside for clarity.

Pink Moon ~ a mix of Narcissus, Amber Blanc and vanilla. The scent of Narcissus is deep and rich combined with the warmth of the Amber Blanc and a hint of sweetness from the vanilla. Rhodochrosite crystals inside for unconditional love.

Rose Moon ~ Tuberose, pure rose blanc, lily of the valley, bergamot, clean musk base with rose quartz for soothing love vibes.

Snow Moon ~ rich floral grounded in Egyptian musk, vanilla, and Egyptian sandalwood. Top notes of pink grapefruit and bergamot, primary note of night blooming jasmine. Contains amethyst, clear quartz and herkimer diamond. 

Sugar Moon ~ top note Cassis, middle note Stargazer Lily, base notes sandalwood, white amber, musk. Contains citrine, clear quartz, and herkimer diamond.

Wolf Moon ~ notes of amber + vanilla. Contains clear quartz and herkimer diamond.

Cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate + paraben free. 1/2 oz size.